Wisconsin Hybrid vehicle purchase Tax Incentives

Hybrid Sales Tax Exemption (bill): A.B. 546 and S.B. 252 to create the "Hybrid Car Credit". This bill would create a sales tax exemption of up to $1,000 on the purchase of a hybrid automobile that has an EPA-estimated combined city/highway mileage rating of at least 40 mpg. Referred to House committee on Energy and Utilities and joint survey committee on Tax Exemptions 7/7/05. For more information, contact rep.parisi@legis.state.wi.us .
Hybrid Tax Credit (bill): A.B. 745 would create a state income and franchise tax credit for the amount of sales and use taxes paid in the taxable year on the purchase of fuel efficient hybrid motor vehicles. The amount of the credit may not exceed an amount equal to $1,000 for each hybrid motor vehicle purchased in the taxable year. Referred to referred to committee on Energy and Utilities and public hearing held 12/20/05.

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