Pennsylvania Hybrid vehicle purchase Tax Incentives

Hybrid Tax Rebate: The PA Department of Environmental Protection now offers an opportunity to Commonwealth residents to apply for a rebate to assist with the incremental cost for the purchase of a new hybrid, bi-fuel, dual-fuel or dedicated alternative fuel vehicle. The rebate amount for calendar year 2006 is $500. The rebate will be offered throughout the calendar year as long as funds are available. Rebates will be offered on a "first come, first served" basis. Rebate applications shall be submitted no later than six months after the purchase.
A completed rebate form must be accompanied by: (1) A copy of a valid Pennsylvania vehicle registration. The name appearing on the vehicle registration card must appear on the dealer invoice. A Pennsylvania Certificate Of Title For A Vehicle is not acceptable.
(2) A copy of dealer invoice.
(3) Proof of the vehicle purchase. This can be a copy of the front & back of a canceled check, the finance agreement, or a dealer invoice indicating a zero balance due and receipt of payment in

For Rebate form and more Qualifications please see:

Rebate documentation should be submitted to: PA DEP, HEV AFV Rebate, PO Box 8772, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8772. Contact: Cleo Arp-- 717-772-8912 or at
Hybrid Sales Tax Credit (bill): H.B. 220 would exclude the purchase price of electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and zero emission vehicles from the sales and use tax.
Introduced 2/8/05 -- passed in the House 3/29/05. The bill is now in the Senate -- referred to Finance Committee 4/6/05.
Registration and Inspection Fee Exemption (bill): H.B. 969 would exempt hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicles, and zero-emission vehicles from the annual registration fee. It would also create a credit for the cost of the certificate of inspection for said vehicles that the official inspection stations could claim when they inspect one of these vehicles once in the calendar year. The vehicle owner is exempt from paying the cost of the certificate. Finally, the bill exempts hybrid electric vehicles that obtain 40 mpg in the city from required emission inspection.
Introduced March 15, 2005 -- referred to Transportation Committee.
Alernative Fuels Incentive Grant Program: The AFIG Program was established in 1992 by the Pennsylvania Energy Office to reduce Pennsylvania's dependence on imported oil and improve air quality through the use of alternative fuels. Eligible applicants are essentially any entity incorporated or registered in Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania residents. After July 1, 2001, qualified projects will receive funding for 20% of eligible project costs. Purchasing hybrid-electric vehicles is eligible for grant programs. Applications must be submitted during an open opportunity AND prior to incurring any costs. For more information, please contact Karen Miller of the DEP at (717) 772-3359, via email at, or visit their web site. As of 11/18/04, the current grant cycle was closed.

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