Rhode Island Hybrid vehicle purchase Tax Incentives

Sales and Use Tax Exemption (bill): H.B. 5263 would exempt from sales and use taxes, the sale, storage use or other consumption of motor vehicles and related equipment exclusively powered by a clean alternative fuel, and would further exempt from such taxation the sale of any passenger car utilizing hybrid technology that has an estimated highway gasoline mileage rating of at least forty (40) miles per gallon. Introduced 2/1/05 -- referred to Finance Committee.
Carbon Fuel Reduction and Air Pollution Control (bill): H.B. 5330 would exempt from the sale and from the storage, use or other consumption in this state of (1) the purchase price paid for a new hybrid gasoline-electric, fuel cell or other hydrogen fueled vehicles; or (2) so much of the purchase price paid for a converted gasoline or diesel-fueled motor vehicle as is allocated to the cost of conversion; and (3) all costs associated with the construction of motor vehicle electric recharging stations or filling stations dispensing hydrogen fuel or other alternative fuels. Introduced 2/3/05 -- referred to Finance Committee.

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