Florida Hybrid vehicle purchase Tax Incentives

State Hybrid HOV: HEVs that are certified and labeled in accordance with federal regulations may be driven in HOV lanes at any time, regardless of the number of passengers in the vehicle. The vehicle must have a decal issued by the Florida Division of Motor Vehicles, obtained for a $5 fee, which must be renewed annually. More information available from the Florida Division of Motor Vehicles at dmv@hsmv.state.fl.us or (850) 922-9000. (Reference Florida Statutes 316.0741)
 Partial Tax Exemption for Hybrids and HOV Restrictions (bill): S. 868 gives a $500.00 (maximum) state sales tax exemption on any hybrid vehicle that qualifies for a federal tax credit. It would also restrict the current Hybrid HOV benefit to vehicles that obtain 40mpg or more and includes a proviso giving the Florida Department of Transportation the right to lift the exemption in the department's discretion, congestion results in defeating the goal of greater fuel economy. On 12/14/05 this bill was referred to several committees, including Transportation; Communications and Public Utilities; Government Efficiency Appropriations; Transportation and Economic Development Appropriations, and; Ways and Means.

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