Colorado Hybrid vehicle purchase Tax Incentives

Statewide Hybrid Tax Credit: Prior to July 1, 2011, an income tax credit is available from the Colorado Department of Revenue for the incremental cost of purchasing an AFV or for the conversion of a vehicle to operate using an alternative fuel. HEVs also qualify for this incentive. More information is available at

State Hybrid HOV: Colorado has passed legislation that would allow the hybrids to use the HOV lanes with single occupants, providing that the law did not violate any Federal regulations or prevent Colorado from receiving Federal funds. Update 8/18: While a federal waiver has been passed, a representative from the Colorado Department of Transportation has informed UCS that, "Pursuant to passage of the new federal transportation reauthorization bill, CDOT is analyzing that bill and our state law to make sure what we have in place in state law is compatible. We don't expect to make any changes right away-the EPA has up to 180 days to give the states guidelines for which vehicles would be allowed into HOV lanes pursuant to the new federal law, and we don't want to start issuing stickers to folks and then "take them away" again ."
Aspen hybrid tax credit & free parking: Hybrid vehicles registered in the city of Aspen are eligible for a $100.00 rebate on license registration is allowed to park with impunity in the city's residential and carpool zones. Owners must register the vehicle with the Parking Department. The program was started in 2003. As of November 2005, there was some discussion among Aspen's mayor Helen Klanderud and City Council members of terminating the program, but no action has been taken.

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