Vermont Hybrid vehicle purchase Tax Incentives

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Tax Incentive And Large Vehicle Disincentive (bill): H.0251 would create an exemption in the purchase and use tax law for the first $10,000 of the purchase price of an alternative fuel vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. To fund the cost of the exemption, the bill also installs a tax on large engine vehicles defined as pleasure cars (23 V.S.A. & 4), or a light truck or sports utility vehicle. This engine displacement tax shall be $1.00 for each cubic inch of engine displacement in the excess of 200 cubic inches. Introduced on 2/15/05 – referred to Natural Resources & Energy Committee.
Exempting Alternative Fuel Vehicles From The Motor Vehicle Purchase And Use Tax, And Encouraging Development Of Infrastructure For These Vehicles (bill): S.0013 would exempt alternative fuel vehicles including hybrids from the motor vehicle purchase and use tax which would expire in July 1, 2007. It would also create an alternative fuel vehicle infrastructure loan program for low interest or interest free loans within the state bank to facilitate the conversion/construction of publicly available facilities for dispensing alternative fuels. Introduced 1/6/05 -- referred to Finance committee on 1/11/05.
Hybrid Vehicle Tax Exemption (bill): S.0120 and H. 370 would create a purchase and use tax exemption for hybrid vehicles which would apply to sales and uses after June 30, 2005 and before July 1, 2008. Introduced and referred to Senate Finance Committee 2/23/05. Introduced and referred to House Transportation Committee 2/25/05

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