Latest Hybrid Car News

  • GM developing plug-in Saturn -  Chicago Tribune - November 29, 20064, 2006
    It LOS ANGELES --  General Motors wants to develop a new electric car: A plug-in version of the Saturn VUE sport utility vehicle.
    GM chairman Rick Wagoner said today the automaker has begun work on creating a battery powered plug-in but wouldn't say when it would be ready for sale. Read more
  • How We Roll: Hybrid Cars are Hot Here - - May 30, 2006
    Because his Ford Escape is a hybrid. Dave Krauss, Hybrid owner: "When gas reached about $3 a gallon, I decided that it was time."  Read more
  • Coming soon: Cars that get 100 miles per gallon -  CNET News - April 25, 2006
    A few small companies will start to offer services and products for converting hybrid cars like the
    Toyota Prius that currently get around 50 miles per gallon into plug-in hybrids that rely more heavily on electrical power and can get about 100 miles per gallon.  Read more
  • Plug-In Hybrids Get 100+ MP -  Red Herring, Inc. - April 23, 2006
    While some automakers use hybrid technology to boost performance, some drivers are raising their MPG.
    The latest hybrids from Toyota and Honda focus more on high performance than better fuel economy. Now a few drivers are heading in the other direction: squeezing more than 100 miles per gallon from their hybrids by recharging them at electrical outlets. Read more
  • Hybrid Cars Becoming More Popular as Gas Prices Soar - Tax Credits Coupled with Higher Fuel Costs Make Hybrids In Demand
    Best Syndication - April 22nd 2006
    As gas prices continue to rise, purchasers of new cars are looking a little closer at the hybrids.  Some areas around the country have seen the price of self-serve regular hit the three dollar mark, and above.  Analysts say the price hike is due to hurricanes Katrina and Rita, instability in Nigeria, and the addition of ethanol to the fuels. Read more
  • Ford Escape Hybrid: OK, but it's no Prius -  Automotive News - Mar 13, 2006
    DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. has increased spending on advertising and discounts to market the Ford Escape Hybrid SUV in 2006.
    Ford generally has done well with the low-volume Escape Hybrid since its introduction in 2004. Production is limited, and the vehicles move off dealership lots much faster than gasoline-powered Escapes. Read more
  • High schoolers make 50mpg hybrid car that does 0-60 in 4 seconds - March 07
    If you think that hybrid cars have to be gutless, powerless no-fun-to-drive vehicles, you’re wrong. You’re also wrong if you think you need a multi-million dollar corporation backing you up to build one, because a group of high school students from Philadelphia have put together the K-1 Attack Hybrid that goes from 0 to 60mph in four seconds, and what’s more, this “supercar” does it making 50 miles on the gallon. Read more
  • Honda to launch new hybrid car -  Platinum today, UK 
    Honda is looking to sell a hybrid version of its Fit compact car, a Japanese newspaper reports.
    According to the Nihon Keizai business paper, the Japanese carmaker wants to sell the car for around $11,800, which would make it the cheapest hybrid on the market. The hybrid version would be $1,700 more expensive than the regular Fit. Read more
  • South Korea Plans to Boost Hybrid Car Sales - Fuel Cell Today - Mar 02
    SEOUL, Feb 28 Asia Pulse - South Korea will spend 144.9 billion won (US$149.5 million) this year to introduce emergency robots and boost demand for fuel-efficient hybrid cars, the government said Tuesday.
    In a meeting of government officials and business executives, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy said that it will help public companies buy a total 418 hybrid-engined cars by year's end. Read more
  • Hybrid Tax Break- KFDX Newscenter 3 - Mar 02
    Some people check out the new hybrid cars for style or gas mileage, but there is another very good reason. It is because going green environmentally can mean a little more green in your pocket. The good news is, the government hopes to encourage you to buy a hybrid gas electric car.. Read more
  • Hybrid car hits the road Shetland Time
    THE FIRST hybrid car in Shetland and one of the first in Britain has hit the roads of Lerwick.
    The Toyota Prius, which has an electric motor and petrol engine, joined the ranks of Allied Taxis this week. Read more