Louisiana Hybrid vehicle purchase Tax Incentives

State Tax Credit: The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources offers a state income tax credit worth 20% of the cost of converting a vehicle to operate on an alternative fuel, and 20% of the incremental cost of purchasing an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) alternative fuel vehicle (AFV). For the purchase of an OEM AFV, the tax credit cannot exceed the lesser of 2% of the total cost of the vehicle or $1,500. Only those vehicles registered in Louisiana can receive the tax credit. For more information, please contact the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources at (225) 342-1399 or the Louisiana Department of Revenue at (225) 219-0102, option 2. (Reference Revised Statutes (RS) S47:38 and S47:287.757). The Louisiana department of revenue concluded that "The cost of equipment involved in converting to a hybrid vehicle or installed by a manufacturer of hybrid vehicles can be used to compute this credit." Note: The Revenue Ruling No. 02-019 November 8, 2002 established the department's position on allowing hybrids vehicles to receive this credit. However, a Revenue Ruling does not have the force and effect of law and is not binding on the public. It is a statement of the department's position and is binding on the department until superseded or modified by a subsequent change in statute, regulation, declaratory ruling, or court decision.

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