Connecticut Hybrid vehicle purchase Tax Incentives

Hybrid Sales Tax Exemption: Prior to July 1, 2008, Hybrids getting at least 40 mpg are exempt from the state's 6% sales tax.
 Free Hybrid Parking in New Haven: On June 6, 2005, the city of New Haven passed a law permitting hybrid vehicles registered in New Haven free parking at metered spots within the city. The ordinance will take effect within one month and only apply to alternative fuel vehicles registered in New Haven. Owners will have to come to City Hall to receive a decal which will be attached the to vehicle. Motorists will still need to obey posted time limits and must park in legal spots. For more information contact
 State Hybrid HOV (Bill): H.B. 5876 would amend the general statutes to allow a hybrid-type motor vehicle to, when carrying only the driver, to use the state's high-occupancy vehicle lanes.
 Introduced 1/20/2005. Expired in committee, not enacted.
 Property Tax Abatement for Clean Vehicles (Bill): S.B. 223 would allow municipalities to abate property taxes on passenger vehicles utilizing low-emission alternative fuel or hybrid technology Introduced 1/19/2005.
Expired in committee, not enacted.

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