Buy a Hybrid Car and Get Discounts on Auto Insurance

You can get a discount on your car insurance if you drive a hybrid car. Currently two insurance companies offering this discount and discount amount is up to 10% of your insurance cost. These discounts not only apply to hybrid vehicles but may also apply to alternative fuel vehicles.

The Farmers Insurance Group of Companies was the first company that announced it is to offer an insurance discount to customers who own alternative-fuel or hybrid vehicles. The discount amount will be 5% for auto customers in California. The other company currently offers discount is Travelers Insurance. Travelers’ discount will equal 10%.

There is good reason for insurance companies offering this discount. Normally insurance premiums are calculated based on a number of factors including type of vehicle, vehicle price and driver characteristics. Research found that most hybrid drivers fall into a “preferred group” that is typically married with ages ranging between 41 and 60. It also found that hybrid drivers are Cautious driver and likely to have less claims. No wonder insurance companies offering discount to good driver.

But some other companies think otherwise such as State Farm says they will not offer these discounts to hybrid owners, because increased repair costs of hybrids and concern over risks the electric components might pose in the event of an accident.

It is likely that more and more companies will offer discount on hybrid auto insurance because of steady increasing hybrid and alternative cars owners and highly Competitive Insurance market.

3 comments for 'Buy a Hybrid Car and Get Discounts on Auto Insurance'

1. Cost of Hybrid CAR

An hybrid car cost too much.
Though there is a discount on car insurance for hybrid vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles, still the cost of these cars at present it very high as compared to normal vehicles.
Then again the repair and maintanence charges along with the parts are costlier. Many people still don't know how to file a proper claim. One should always be aware of the insurance policy, what it covers and what not.
For the hybrid vehicles the rules in insurance policy are tough. Unfortunately RTA claims are a common occurance, with most people being involved in at least one road accident in their life-time. Getting a

Road Accident Compensation for a hybrid vehicle would be tough and a lawyer would be needed.

2. Still hybrid car can cost

Still hybrid car can cost around $30K. This is too much!

3. Hybrid discounts webpage

There is a page site for green car insurance in the states now called It tells you which states offer hybrid discounts from certain insurers and other green policy info.

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