Hybrid Cars

By Holly Odom

There are many reasons why people should drive electric hybrid cars. They are safer for the environment than gasoline engines. They also are more fuel efficient, and cost less money to operate than a gasoline powered car. However, they also cost a little more to purchase than a similar gasoline powered car, and because they are so new it is hard to find any inexpensive used models. They also do not burn less fuel when being operated at highway speeds. Since the biggest consumers of gas and the biggest polluters are tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles, the use of electric hybrid cars will make only a small dent in cleaning up the environment.
It is frequently advertised that electric hybrid cars are good for the environment. This is because they use less gasoline than regular combustion engines. They emit far less pollution than a regular car because at least part of the time they run on electricity which is a much cleaner form of energy than gasoline. If everyone drove an electric hybrid car, the environment would be a much cleaner place. Problems like smog and the hole in the ozone layer could be fixed.

Hybrid cars are also good for the environment not only because they are preventing pollution, but because they are using up less of our natural resources. It has been shown that if we continue to use oil at the rate we are presently using it, it will not be long before there is no oil left. However, with electric hybrid cars we can use less oil. In this way electric hybrid cars conserve our natural resources and prevent an oil shortage from occurring.

Another good reason to drive an electric hybrid car is because they can save their drivers a lot of money. Electric hybrid cars use far less fuel than gasoline powered engines. Their owners save money because they do not need to buy gas as much. The cars produce their own electricity. The cars operate on a combination of gas and electricity. When the motor is being powered by electricity it is not burning gas. Owners of hybrid cars can spend half as much or more on gas as people who own similarly sized gasoline powered cars. This is a very big selling point at this point in time because gas prices keep getting more expensive.

There are several reasons why not everyone is running out and buying electric hybrid cars even though they sound so great. At the present time, these cars cost a little more than similarly sized gasoline cars. For most people, price is very important when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. Many cannot afford to buy a new car, and buy used cars instead. Since electric hybrid cars are a relatively new invention there are very few used ones available, and most of those are not very inexpensive. Right now, there are not many choices available to buyers of hybrid cars. Those who desire minivans, SUVs, or pickup trucks need to buy gasoline powered cars for now until hybrid versions of these vehicles become available.

While it may seem that the use of electric hybrid cars could really clean up the environment, there are a few things that people need to be aware of. At present the hybrid cars that are available are better on gas and better on the environment only when they are being driven in town or at a slower rate of speed. The technology that exists at present has not produced a car than can run solely on electricity at highway speeds. This means that when a hybrid car is driven at sixty miles per hour it is running on gasoline and burning just as much fuel as an ordinary gasoline powered engine. Also the technology has not yet produced a hybrid engine suitable for tractor trailers or other large commercial vehicles which represent some of the biggest polluters and consumers of gas.

If every family owned just one electric hybrid vehicle it could significantly help the environment by creating less pollution and using less gasoline. Families who can afford these cars can save themselves money on gasoline. However, this technology is new and there are still several areas in which the hybrid car can be improved so that it could have an even bigger positive impact on the environment and the people who drive them.

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1. Hybrid Cars

This is the invention which i think people will preferred more i don't know about the performance of it. but still ill go for it honda racing engines

2. yes i agree. car enthusiasts

yes i agree. car enthusiasts these days prefer hybrid car than the fuel-dependent ones. hybrid cars like mercedes parts are economical cars.

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