Top Fuel-Efficient Non-Hybrid Cars in 2006

If you want to save money on gas but don’t want to drive a hybrid car or not willing to spend extra money to buy a hybrid, you have few other cars to choose from> These cars actually give you pretty good Gas Mileage. You would be amazed to know there are quite a few cars can give you better gas mileage compare to some of hybrids (mainly hybrid SUVs).

Here is some top gas mileage cars according to EPA estimate:

ModelBody StyleEPA Estimated MPG city/hwy
Volkswagen Golf TDI Compact 37/44
Volkswagen New Beetle TDI Sub-Compact 37/44
Volkswagen Jetta TDI Compact 36/41
Toyota Corolla Compact 32/41
Toyota Yaris/Vitz Sub-Compact 34/40
Honda Civic Sub-Compact 30/40
Honda Fit Sub-Compact 33/38
Scion xA Sub-Compact 31/38
Kia Rio Sub-Compact 29/38
Mercedes E320 CDI Mid-size 27/37
Ford Focus Compact 27/37
Pontiac Vibe Full-size 30/36
Toyota Matrix Full-size30/36
Hyundai Accent Compact 28/36
Mini Cooper Manual Sub-Compact28/36
Mazda 3 Compact28/35
Nissan Sentra Compact28/35
Chevrolet Aveo  Sub-Compact 26/35
Saturn Ion Compact  26/35
Suzuki Swift Sub-Compact 26/35
Acura RSX Sub-Compact  27/34
Hyundai ElantraMid-size 27/34
Mitsubishi LancerCompact 27/34
Honda Accord Mid-size  26/34
Chevrolet Cobalt Sub-Compact  25/34
Kia Spectra Mid-size  25/34
Chevrolet Malibu
Mid-size 24/34



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