Future of Hybrid Cars in Eupore : Market Outlook

Europe is one of the fastest growing hybrid car market in the world. In the first six months of 2007, over 23,000 environmentally friendly cars were sold in the European country, translating into a rise of 25% over the same period last year. The growth indicates that low-emission automobiles made up for around 15% of all new registered cars.

Andreas Carlgren, Environment Minister, speaking at a press conference, said, "Sweden is taking the lead in Europe's environmentally-friendly car leagueage, as reported by The Local on July 2, 2007. The conference was organized to present the half-yearly data from Bil Sweden, a Swedish car industry organization.

Hybrid vehicles proffer multitude of benefits over conventional vehicles, like low emission, fast acceleration, and fuel efficiency, that will provide impetus to hybrid cars in future in the continent. Apart from this, analysts opined that economics of car (hybrid) ownership would increasingly become more congenial to customers over the coming years. European consumers are actively turning environmentally conscious. From early 2008, all big gas stations will sell atleast one alternate fuel, and several have already began to sell green fuels.

"The green car tax break of 10,000 kronor for private individuals has contributed enormously to the record high sales of environmentally-friendly cars, said Bertil Moldén, Managing Director, Bil Sweden, in a statement published by The Local on July 2, 2007.

As per Bil Sweden, emission of carbon dioxide from new cars is decreasing faster in Sweden than in any other European country, and in a year, Sweden will be on the top in the fraternity of lowest emission.

Europe had a share of around 7.68% in global hybrid sales in 2005. Hybrid car sales in Europe, in 2006, reached nearly 39,800 units, out of which, Toyota had an over 90% market share. In view of the growing environmental concern and demand, hybrid sales in Europe would surpass 49,500 units by 2012, according to the RNCOS report for Hybrid Cars Market Outlook.

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