Honda Fit Hybrid - expected to available 2008

Although Honda has not made any announcement about Hybrid Fit, there is rumor that it will be available as 2008 model at end of the 2007.  Honda hybrid Fit expected to have the same drivetrain as Honda’s insight and achieve a fuel economy in the low to mid-50 mpg range.The sluggish sells of Honda’s Insight which mainly because impractical two-seater and a little odd design - it is good news for Honda lover. The pricing of hybrid Fit expected to be attractive- the With 90 cubic feet of passenger volume and 21.3 cubic feet of cargo capacity Fit will likely cost between $15,000 and $17,000. This swill gives you fuel efficient as good as popular Toyota Prius but a much lower price.

Different popular auto sites such as, etc. confirm the rumor of Honda’s hybrid Fit.

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