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People offer ask the question - what is the best hybrid car in market now? From different consumer group review as well ad from our online pool Toyota Prius is the best hybrid on the road today. Toyota Prius runs with an electric motor assisted by a gasoline engine. During the city driving it uses electric motor and the gas engine kicks in at higher speeds which provide maximum gas efficiency. Prius has EPA estimates 60 mpg/city and 51 mpg/highway mileage. But owners reported estimate 50 mpg in mixed driving.
Also, Toyota Prius has roomier interior than it competitors. It seamless and sophisticated power system provides smooth power transfer between gas and electric engine. You can learn more about Toyota Prius here:

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1. Convert your Car into a Hybrid

I think it would be better for people to just convert their cars into a hybrid rather than buy a hybrid. Most people can't afford to buy a hybrid and converting their car into a hybrid costs around $300-$600 if they install it themselves or around $1000-up if they have someone else install them. More on hybrid kits are found at

2. why buy a hybrid

Vauxhall 50.4mpg US
Opel - General Motors Company
Fiat 34.4 city 51.40 hwy combined 43.5 mpg US
Renault 37.2 city 57.60 hwy combined 47.90 mpg US
Citroen city 51.40 68.90 hwy combined 61.40 mpg

Ford Focus ECOnetic 1.6 TDCi Urban Fuel 50.4 mpg Extra Urban 78.3 mpg Combined 65.6 mpg - Range 765 miles - Available in UK

Models Miles per gallon (MPG)
1 - 83.10 mph CITROEN C1 MPG
2 - 83.10 mph TOYOTA Aygo MPG
3 - 80.70 mph FIAT Grande-Punto MPG
4 - 78.40 mph VAUXHALL Corsa-MY
5 - 76.30 mph FIAT New-Panda MPG
6 - 76.30 mph PEUGEOT MPG
7 - 76.30 mph CITROEN C2 MPG
8 - 76.30 mph CITROEN C3 MPG
9 - 76.30 mph VAUXHALL Corsa-MY2006 MPG

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